Dwight’s second CD released in 1998. Louder, angrier and brasher than his first. This CD has had continuous play on XM Satellite Radio since the very beginning of XM.



Comedian Dwight Slade follows up his first best-selling CD, WEIRD STATE, with a louder, angrier hour long CD. Taking aim at topics near and dear to his heart, Slade skewers popular conventions such as minivans, kids names, employment and political issues of the day.

“The acerbic veteran veteran brings his humor to disc for the second time…”
— The Oregonian, Portland, OR

Track Listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Hanson
  3. Coffee
  4. Traffic
  5. Quad 4
  6. I Hate The Rich
  7. Fired!
  8. Mary Kay and The Five Handed Beast
  9. Clinton/Lewinsky
  10. Getting Older
  11. Dad
  12. Suicide State
  13. No Cherry Bombs
  14. Californians
  15. The Border
  16. Weird State Rhythm