Feature Image - Dwight Slade is Hong Kong Bound

Hong Kong Bound

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Comedian Dwight Slade swapped jokes at school with the legendary Bill Hicks and has made Americans laugh for decades. He’s enjoyed success everywhere from Edinburgh to Dubai, but this month’s trip bound for Hong Kong will be his first.” The opportunity to perform here materialised thanks to the Punchline Comedy Club. Slade says, perhaps only half joking, that he may have to create a completely new set for a new audience. “I’ll chuck the whole thing. I find that I’m …

Featured Image - Jerusalem Comedy at a Crossroads

Jerusalem Comedy at a Crossroads

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For four American comedians, the decision to fly to Is-rael to perform their stand-up routines was no joke. Gary Gulman of Dane Cook’s Tourgasm, Craig Robinson of NBC’s The Office, and professional comics Dwight Slade and Avi Liberman have now joined comedic forces to benefit Jerusalem’s Cross-roads Center, an intervention program and community center targeting at-risk English-speaking teens. With the help of a Los Angeles promoter, Liberman rallied his colleagues and returned to Israel a year later with three of …

Featured Image - The Scotsman Review

Scotsman Festival Review

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The congregation – some Hicks’ devotees, some just curious – were treated to a comedy tour de force. Slade blasted through an hour-plus of coruscating comedy, ripped through the heart of suburban dreams, and took a driller to corporate America and its political class. Often uncomfortable, often challenging, but always funny, Slade took his little guy observations into the very heart and soul of American life. Even when his cultural references occasionally went over the head of his audience, his …

Featured Image - Glasgow And Edinburgh

Glasgow And Edinburgh

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This Glasgow & Edinburgh Review took place during a week long performance from Thursday August 21st to Thursday September 4th 2003 – He may have been Bill Hicks’ childhood friend but Dwight Slade is a bitter, unhinged and brilliant comic in his own right. And he possesses the finest hairdo this side of a German Michael Bolton convention. What Vidal Sassoon would give for five minutes alone with this coiffeur… Anyway, Slade’s locks are surprisingly glossy considering the 29 hours …

Featured Image - Slade’s Manchester Comedy Review

Dwight Slade’s Manchester Comedy Review

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His comic scorn for lazy thinking, orthodoxy and smug complacency steamrollers all before it. He has a gift for exaggerating the quotidian injustices of American life to a point where they seem like hostile attacks on one sane man’s soul. Of course, some of this recalls Bill Hicks, with whom Slade cut his comedy teeth. But Slade is his own man: there’s an excel-lent physical sequence about a driver and his car radio , that is light years from Hicks’s …