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Dwight Slade’s Manchester Comedy Review

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Dwight Slade’s Manchester Comedy ReviewManchester Guardian | Covering American and international newsDwight Slade’s Manchester Comedy Review – You can sense the relief that American stand-ups feel when they arrive in the UK. Dwight Slade is railing at his compatriots within minutes of kick-off. “ ‘We’re number one,’ they cry blockheadedly, as if living on this planet is a contest that somebody can win.” His comic scorn for lazy thinking, orthodoxy and smug complacency steamrollers all before it. He has a …

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Dwight on the night

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Dwight on the night, Fringe’s slickest purveyors of enjoyable stand-up Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003 ReviewArticle originally printed on Thursday, August 21, 2003Dwight on the night; a mark of how predictably safe comedy on the Fringe has become that Dwight Slade’s first night at the Tron is a sellout. Hitherto unknown on these shores, his UK debut has been buoyed by a wave of hopeful hype. Slade, you see, was a close friend of the late great Bill Hicks who, even …

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Fringe Comedian

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Fringe Comedian Bright spark from the blackout: Dwight Slade Edinburgh Comedy Room 0131226 UNTIL AUGUST 25Article originally printed on TUESDAY AUGUST 19, 2003Fringe comedian Dwight Slade, unlike the eastern seaboard of the United States last weekend, is full of energy. It’s something of a miracle, given that the biggest shortout in the history of the world forced him to spend an extra 29 hours in JFK en route to his first gig outside the US. Perhaps it’s simply the adrenalin …